William Waller

by Tonya Dixon | October 23rd, 2012

William Waller (Photos by Howard Gaither)

The Dynacon Event Center and Multimedia Venue is second to none compared to other area facilities. The state-of-the-art center provides more than 10,000 square feet of functional, elegant, upscale and professional meeting or entertainment space for virtually any indoor event imaginable. Located on East Wendover Avenue in Greensboro, North Carolina, the upscale event center has brought life, energy and vitality to an area that has historically been failing economically.

Approximately eleven years ago, Dynacon Center owner, William Waller purchased a building to be used as a workshop and warehouse. Waller was, and still is, a general contractor, so the building provided the perfect space for his construction needs. He says, initially the building was completely empty with concrete floors and metal wall structures, obviously a shell of the grandeur it now boasts. At one point Waller arranged for at-risk-youth and prison inmates to work part time on obtaining their GED while learning the construction trade part time by working on his warehouse. As the building began to take shape, Waller noticed he was becoming inundated with requests to utilize his building for various events. He allowed many to use his facility and thereby made a conscious decision to fully renovate the entire structure, envisioning a place for complete professional event management. He said if he were going to build an event center he was going to do it to the best of his ability, built with the highest standards and offering the best in the latest technological advances. That building that provided so much for so many has ultimately become known as the popular and professional Dynacon Center.

As soon as patrons walk through the main entrance of the Dynacon Center they are immediately taken aback. Elegance and professionalism are understatements. The main entrance leads directly into the Palladium Room, often referred to as the ballroom. Roughly 5,000 square feet, the Palladium Room can be tailor fit for any event. It’s perfect for entertainment shows, plays, weddings, receptions, conferences and the list goes on and on; as far as the imagination can fathom. The main ballroom is flanked by smaller, yet equally as charming, rooms, ideal for intimate dinners, club meetings, VIP areas, corporate training and seminars. Awestruck visitors will be hounded by a nagging curiosity to take a sneak peak at the upper level amenities, which can be seen from the main floor. Atop the stairs, meeting areas are thoroughly positioned to the left and the right forming a virtual semi-circle of customizable meeting space.

The amenities are enumerable. Individuals and organizations have the option to rent the entire facility or pick and choose areas that best suit their needs. Boasting a state-of-the-art sound system, each area can broadcast different sound options simultaneously throughout the entire center. Event planners, photographers, caterers, florists, bartenders, they are all available through the center for all event needs. The Dynacon Center provides all these great amenities and more at a much lower rate than its local competitors. “We’re not going to bog you down with a whole bunch of rules and regulations and charges,” Waller says. “I look long term at everything. What we have found is if you come here and do an event, you’re going to come back. I build long term. I would rather make a little less if I know I’m building a relationship with you.”

Although Waller has the task of making sure the center is professional and accommodating, he admits he doesn’t worry about filling the space consistently throughout the year. As a matter of fact, he says he has never had to spend any effort-time or money-on advertising. He says the facility speaks for itself. “Our objective is just to get you to come over here, and then usually we don’t say a word because we don’t have to. We just let you walk around,” says Waller. “Someone may come in here just to do a reception, but when they see the facility they almost invariably change their minds and want to do the wedding and the reception here.”

Waller sees such instances on a daily basis. Like the day a soon-to-be bride stopped by the center just for curiosity sake. He reveals that once the young lady saw the impeccable facility, received a price quote with the included amenities, she immediately returned to the event center she had reserved only 30 minutes prior, cancelled her reservation, withdrew her deposit and happily returned to the Dynacon Center to make her complete wedding arrangements. In addition, her wedding planner, also engaged to be married, made the same decision to book with the center. Those type instances are what keep the Dynacon name consistent throughout all the Triad’s local communities. It’s the people who reserve event space, have a wonderful experience and share it with others who continue to propel the event center and make it one of the area’s most sought after venues.

However, not only is the center the go to facility for individuals and organizations across the triad, but the country and the world. It’s local organizations like the James B. Dudley High School Alumni Association, Gold -N- Girls, North Carolina A&T State University, and local Presbyterian groups. It’s national groups like Warner Bros. and many national recording artists who routinely utilize one of the three recording studios housed in the Dynacon facility. The center has become the meeting place for all cultures, ethnicities, religions and even political party affiliations. The beauty is that all individuals and groups seem to feel right at home and fit in. From black tie affairs to hip hop concerts to business seminars to cultural events to children’s plays. The center welcomes them all and has the capabilities to successfully meet their needs.

“We are a multicultural events center, and I think that’s very important. We probably have eight to ten immigrant groups that have their festivals here,” says Waller. “From Nigeria to Sudan to Latin America, it’s gorgeous; because they come in here with their native dress and foods and it’s just a beautiful thing. We cover the gamut of society. Quite frankly we provide it all at low or no cost for those people or groups working for good causes. All those people spread the word through the community that there’s an event center that’s a lot more than just a place to have a party.”

Indeed the Dynacon Center is a place for much more. While the event center offers a plethora of accommodations for all events great and small, Waller says it’s not about renting space; rather it’s more about the people and providing them an opportunity to make memories and build relationships. Relationships in which they can trust that when an event is hosted at the Dynacon Center excellence will ensue.

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