Woman Storm

by Terry Watson | November 4th, 2010
Woman Storm

Woman Storm

Christina Lovelace steps onto the stage, taking her place at the microphone with a smile on her face and greeting the crowd. Most would think that she’s about to deliver a poem about falling in love and about the way a man makes her feel. However, the moment she opens her mouth, she takes you to a place you didn’t expect to go.

Lovelace is known as “Woman Storm”, a poetess with no boundaries, only speaking the truth to uplift women of all races. Her poetry is about the everyday struggles of women and how it relates to her life.

Also a public speaker and former language arts teacher, Lovelace is a wife and mother that currently reside in Wilson, N.C. She has been performing spoken word poetry for the past 10 years, getting her start performing at a college talent show at Elon University. When asked what her poetry is about, she responds by saying, “Whatever I am looking at is what I write about.”

Lovelace says her poetry is like therapy because it allows her to release whatever she is feeling at that moment. “My poetry is like fire shut up in my bones and I just have to release it and it feels so good,” says Lovelace. “It is my testimony and I love the feeling of knowing I’m doing something I’m supposed to do.”

Being a poet has never been easy. The reality of knowing that poetry alone could not pay her bills was definitely a challenge when she first started to perform. Another challenge she faced was realizing that she is not an entertainer and people want to be entertained. She believes in educating and empowering people through the power of her words.

Lovelace inspiration has always been through her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, first and foremost. Christ has definitely impacted her career and crafted her messages when she performs she says. Her family has definitely been an inspiration to her words but she also credits Amir Suliman, who booked her very first feature show and Josephus III.

The advice she gives for anyone interested in being a spoken word poet is to not follow her footsteps but to follow the path God has given you. “I believe that God has a calling for everyone and He states this in Jeremiah 29:11,” says Lovelace. “Don’t follow my path because my path isn’t for you; find your own that is destined for you.”

To find out more information about Christina Lovelace aka Woman Storm please
visit www.christinalovelace.com.“satisfaction” is what they say makes it all worth it.

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