Wrapping Up 2014

Demetra Moore | November 15th, 2014

I2015t’s time to wrap up 2014 and prepare for 2015! Are you feeling anxious about what that looks like? Or are you thinking I must get started and setting goals for 2015. If either of those sounds like thoughts you are currently having then keep reading.

At the end of every year people start planning for the holidays and talking about what they are going to do different in 2015. But notice I said “planning for the holidays and talking about what they are going to do in 2015.” Most people don’t plan before the New Year starts. We wait to make resolutions, and to be accountable in the New Year.

Try something different plan early and start working with accountability partner right now. It’s time to create the plan of transition for 2015. As a Transition Expert specializing in career development, personal and professional development, I meet several people who fall short in the area of preparation. I have three suggestions that would help:

  1. Create A Vision Board: Ever heard the saying seeing is believing? Well that’s what a vision board will do for you. This process puts your dreams on paper and makes them real. It provides a sense of direction and gives you something to work toward.
  2. Hire A Coach: They will work one-on-one to implement your plan of action. You will have an accountability partner, gain new perspectives, and have a way to extend your resources. A coach can help you get beyond mediocrity and onto a level where you are moving and growing into the person you were destined to be.
  3. Join A Mastermind Group Or Think Tank. Napoleon Hill cited the use of Mastermind Groups in his book Think and Grow Rich. Successful people rely on these groups to help them grow in various areas. Mastermind groups offer new perspectives, support, and accountability and provide a way to extend your network.

It’s time to prepare. You’ve never seen a fighter prepare for the fight during the fight. All the planning occurs months before. There’s less than two months left in the year make it count and finish strong.

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