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by Tonya Dixon | September 10th, 2014
Reketta Wright (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Reketta Wright (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Reketta Wright always knew she wanted to work in some capacity within the health field, but she wasn’t quite sure what aspect. After she did a bit of research and examined her own qualities it became clear to her that counseling and therapy was the path she should take. “I’ve always enjoyed helping others. At first when I was trying to figure out my career path I thought I wanted to be a nurse. Then I did an internship and decided against it,” she says. “I’ve always been a peace maker and have helped people find solutions to their problems. After doing research and figuring out what I wanted to do I thought counseling would be a good fit for me. I’m a pretty good listener. Of course I don’t fix people’s problems I just help them find what they already have inside them to help them find their own solutions and start their healing process.”

The Cove City, North Carolina native was determined and set her mind to accomplishing her goal of becoming a certified, licensed counselor. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Winston Salem State University in rehabilitation studies and received her graduate degree from North Carolina A&T in rehabilitation counseling. Following a long three year process, which included working at least 3,000 hands-on clinical hours in various counseling capacities, Wright obtained her official license to practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor and started her own private counseling practice—Wrights Care Services.

When Wright began the business she started out providing one service to adults throughout Guilford County. She currently has six different programs employing four additional counselors to provide personalized care and assistance for clients. The group has more than 20 years of experience working throughout the mental and behavioral health field and has amassed several awards and recognitions.

Wrights Care Services offers marriage and family therapy counseling for everything from communication issues to infidelity; life coaching to help individuals reach their goals; intensive in home services for at risk youth; community support, which provides community resources for adults; and substance abuse services and counseling. In addition to the standard services, the company believes in providing tailored, individualized support and treatment options for all clients. Although normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 to 5, Wright understands people have extenuating circumstances and need flexibility especially when it comes to mental and behavioral issues.

“We work closely with individuals and organizations in the community and are often able to offer individualized hours and services in our office and we can also go out to individuals homes who can’t make it into our office or want more privacy than coming into the office,” says Wright. Her ability and willingness to go beyond the norm and work with the unconventional needs of clients also helps build and develop the necessary trust involved in a counselor/client relationship.

Additionally, confidentiality, understanding and credibility are ultimately some of the most important factors needed. It’s no small secret that mental health and the many issues and illnesses associated with it carry a certain quiet stigma and negativity, especially within the African American community. Nevertheless, Reketta and Wrights Care Services is intent on dispelling all the myths and ridding the community of the innuendo of receiving professional mental health and behavioral counseling.

Wright says it’s important for people to realize and understand that just because a person speaks with a therapist, for any reason, is not an indication or admittance to “being a failure,” rather it just means the person has recognized he needs help and additional support. Often times the symptoms are dismissed or completely overlooked, but she says when issues arise and one notices an increase in stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety or nervousness the time has come to seek help. “Often times in the African American community we see our pastors as counselors or therapist, but usually it’s more helpful to see someone who has been trained to counsel people in a different setting,” Wright says. “It does take a great deal of courage to talk to a therapist. However, once someone has found the right person and safe environment, they can look forward to trusting and building a relationship and have comfort in knowing everything will be okay and understand their problem may be big, but with the therapists help they can get through each step day by day.”

Wrights Care Services is in the business of helping people become better versions of themselves. They serve kids, adolescents and adults. Step by step marriages and broken families can be reunited. Through follow-up and after care services, substance abusers can maintain their sobriety and even individuals seemingly “stuck” in life can be motivated and inspired to move forward.

Clients can find more information, make appointments and submit referrals via the company website at www.wrightscareservices.com. For added convenience and depending upon the situation telephone and Skype sessions are also available.

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