Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

by Terry Watson | March 12th, 2016
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

Every now and then, we may find ourselves occupied with all the things that life can give. Many people only try to do the very least as possible to get by, while others strive to accomplish everything before the sun goes down. I am one of those people who wishes that there was 25 hours in the day, and eight days in the week. If this were so, maybe I wouldn’t feel like I left something on the table at the end of the day.

While planning for tomorrow, sometimes it feels like I missed some things that happened on yesterday. I acknowledge that I can’t do anything about yesterday, and tomorrow isn’t promised. What matters most is what I am doing in the present. It makes perfectly good sense, however I have learned to never fully forget about what happened on yesterday. I say this because I believe what happens in my before will play a role in my present day and future.

On yesterday, I may have stumbled and lost a few friends. I may have taken those burdens home and allowed them to keep me awake all night. I may have played yesterday in my mind a thousand times but still I came up empty-handed while searching for solutions on how to fix yesterday’s problems . By God’s grace, I was able to fall asleep and awake the next day with a fresh start and new plan. By using common sense I should be able to navigate throughout the new day and gain in my areas of loss. I believe that life’s lessons happen on a day-to-day basis — yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Today, we should decide to step away from the things that don’t matter. Shake lose the people who awoke with a cunning desire to stall your today and hinder your tomorrow. How our day ends doesn’t have to be our tomorrow.

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