You Will Never Know, Until You Move

by Terry Watson | March 17th, 2017
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

There are many reasons why I haven’t done some things, just as there are many reasons why I have done others. I have faced some of my biggest fears and overcome them. I have also turned away from some things that I believed would do me no good. In the end, what I have learned the most is that with every experience, there is something to be learned, both good and bad. Some might say that the bigger the move or step, the bigger the reward or risk. It all depends on how much one can endure or where our values rest.

I saw something on the news where a guy on a dirt bike had jumped over a six lane highway, by way of a dirt mound that he had formed. It appeared to be very dangerous and quite ridiculous. The biker successfully made it across the jump without injury or harm to himself or the commuters traveling below. I thought to myself, something or someone made that person attempt that jump. It made me wonder had they just faced one of their fears and conquered it. Or was that not their first jump, but instead their biggest one ever. Either way, I knew that after doing so, they couldn’t have felt the same.

Life is just like that. Until we move, we will never know what lies ahead. If we live a life full of fears and what ifs, I honestly believe that we are not truly living at all.

I have dreams that if not realized, will never become anything more than just dreams. My dreams require huge leaps of faith, just like the kind of leap the guy on the dirt bike took. Yet, I have no psychic powers and can’t tell what will happen on tomorrow. All I do know is that if I continue to move at the same pace, and approach life with the same intention and level of motivation, my dreams may never be realized.

If you are facing strong challenges in your life, or even if you have allowed yourself to be defeated by fear, you will never know what the other side of the coin feels like if you never move. Sometimes we must let loose all of the doubts and stop trying to answer all of the questions that float in our minds. A smart person knows better than to answer all of their problems themselves. Sometimes we have to change gears in life and allow the unforeseen to reveal a new chapter by way of our experiences.

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