Your Best Is _______________?

by Terry Watson | May 10th, 2012

Terry Watson - Editor

Give it your best. Your best and nothing less. We have all heard it at one point or another. When we truly believe that we have given our best, it’s comforting and withdraws all doubt. Your best makes you smile on the inside and solicits the praises of others. Your best isn’t just a condition, but also a continuous journey.

Our best is better than what we delivered yesterday. It is a result of a different kind of commitment. It is derived from a new determination. It feeds on a desire to accomplish greater goals and reach higher plateaus. It encourages you to awake an hour earlier and conclude hours later. Our best is identical to none and outlined in our existence.

Our best allows us to give more and take less, and endure more and cry less. It demands that we listen and not be judgemental of those who are at fault. We must pray more and listen for God to speak so that we can interpret His idea of what is best for us. Our best requires us to sacrifice somethings for the benefit of others. We must acknowledge when we’re wrong, and be not prideful when we have lost. Doing these things will only allow us to be a better person.

When we strive for the best it pushes us to be better parents, better siblings, better neighbors, better friends, and better spouses. At our best, we are more valuable to our employers and secure in our futures. If you want to change our world, you must have the best intention of doing so. Your best is like Kryptonite to fear. God is love and He expects the best from us, because that’s what He gives to us. I live my life appreciating the idea that life is a gift from God, and that with each test and trial, I must always give them my very best to ensure even the smallest chance of winning!

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