Your Gifts, Your Plans, and What God Says

by Terry Watson | November 15th, 2019
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

One of the hardest things for me to understand has been what is my purpose in life. I’m the kind of individual who has seen a lot and experienced a lot. I’ve had my shares of ups and downs, both good and some bad ones. While everything has provided me with an opportunity to learn, it has also made it kind of difficult to understand what my true purpose is.

When I was a young child, I had dreams of being a rap artist. This was well before the emergence of Hip Hop. I remember attending rap concerts and mimicking the performers in my attire and posture. My mother purchased a record player for me and my brother, and my dream was fed even more when the music videos would come on the television on Friday nights. I was sure that was my destiny.

As I got older, I began to write raps for myself and soon found myself investing in my dream by recording my songs at a few local recording studios. That was my plan for my life. To be a rapper, but God had something a different in mind for me.

As time would pass, the desire to be a rap artist fizzled. I no longer wrote songs, and my walk and attire changed as well. Little did I know that everything that I applied to my rapping career, were jewels that God had intentionally placed in path to be used in a whole different capacity. Instead of writing rap songs, I used that gift to begin articles for Huami Magazine. Instead of mimicking rap artist and attending rap concerts, I set my sights on being a publisher and entrepreneur and conducting myself as such.

What I had in mind for my life as a child didn’t line up with what God did. He shared some things that I needed to learn, but He didn’t allow me to get complacent while doing so. In life, we must learn to seek God for confirmation on all our hopes and dreams. If it’s not connected to what God has purposed for us, then it will be short lived. We must always seek God’s plan first.

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